The Anecdotalist in Residence

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In the spirit of coming together and the stories, incidents, and undocumented activity that will arise thereof, hannah_g will faithfully and partially recount and imagine the Flotilla gathering as it happens. During the formal and informal events of Flotilla, and from exploring its location in Charlottetown, she will gather long and short anecdotes in the form of ‘headlines’ and longer texts, both real and imagined, from delegates, attendees,  and inhabitants of the island to be disseminated via Twitter and Instagram. The anecdotes will run the gamut of factual, deadpan, funny, and serious in order to reconfigure intimate and intellectual spaces, and imaginatively interpret the gathering. hannah_g hopes to convey the spirit of Artist Run Centres (experimental, thoughtful, mischievous, questioning, and performative) to those involved and the broader public.


hannah_g is a writer, contemporary storyteller, inter-disciplinary artist, mixtape DJ, community radio producer, and designer. Much of her work explores how narratives and creative events in public, private, and crossover spaces can influence collectivity, micro-mobility, and place-making. She has exhibited, performed, and given readings in Canada, the US, Vienna, Romania, England, & Belgium. hannah is also the Director of the Artist-Run Centre, aceartinc. and the editor of the gallery’s in-house annual publication, PaperWait. She co-founded Flux Gallery, the Cartae Open School, and the gallery’s first Indigenous Curatorial Residency.