The Foreshore 

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A collaboration between Other Sights and Access Gallery, the “foreshore” describes the land along the edge of the water variously submerged and revealed by the tides. It is a place of unclear jurisdiction, and thus of contestation, friction, and constant movement. Taking the potential of this zone as both concept and site, The Foreshore stages discussion-focused interdisciplinary presentations, and has in the past considered poetic activist strategies, radical philosophical proposals, and politically engaged artist practices. Listening to a wide array of thinkers and practitioners of poetry, housing rights, architecture, song, theatre, union organizing, somatics, history, and contemporary art, we have asked: How do we generate conditions of emergence? How can we take up space differently? How do we support unruly practices and futures? Within Flotilla, The Foreshore will manifest in the form of two discussion sessions featuring a small group of conference participants.



Marie Bruge (Cooper Institute/Global Income)
On Strategies for Engagement: Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) Promotion on Prince Edward Island


Journée sans culture
On Considering Sustainable Artist Work

Presented by Access Gallery & Other Sights

The Free Store, 154 Great George St.

Friday, September 22, 2017 - 2:30-4pm

Burge will review the history and concrete engagement work of the PEI Working Group for a Livable Income to establish Basic Income Guarantee (BIG)  as a formal public program in PEI. Her presentation will focus on the key communities to be engaged in order to establish BIG in PEI; the appropriate strategy for the engagement of each community; what works well and what needs improvement.

Four members of the organizing committee of Journée sans culture will discuss the methods, aspirations, and challenges that have shaped the group’s activities since 2015. Together they will try to take stock of how they’ve tried to give pause, to think, and to act in an artistic milieu often hobbled by tiredness and resignation.

Lindsay Dobbin
On Listening as a Creative Act


Harmony Wagner
On Listening to the Energy of the Body

Presented by Access Gallery & Other Sights

Victoria Park Cultural Pavilion

Friday, September 22, 2017 - 2:30-4:00pm

Drawing upon a lifelong relationship with sound, landscape and water, artist and musician DOBBIN will share stories about their creative practice of listening, and how it is a method to deeply communicate with, and be in relation to, the living land. As an artist who often works with(in) the natural world, Dobbin acknowledges the animacy of all things and employs listening as a path to collaborate with the environment — revealing that land is not an instrument for our own expression but a teacher and agent that we can be responsive to.

The body is an energetic system in a state of dynamic flux.  While contained as a distinct environment, each body is also in relationship with the energy of the day, the season, and cosmic cycle of the greater environment.  WAGNER will speak to how our bodies navigate this ever-changing, yet cyclical state, as seen through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts.