Alexis Bulman & Norma Jean MacLean

Tarp It, Run a Cord

The Dominion Building, 97 Queen St.

Thursday, September 21 - 24, 2017 - 10am-1pm & 6pm-9pm


Located downtown sits a former government building that was converted into condominiums while the bottom floor, approximately 30,000 sq-ft, has remained in a gutted transitional state. Tarp It, Run a Cord focuses on the west end of this building, a vacant 6,259 sq-ft space with enormous windows, high ceilings, a non-functioning duct-system, construction lights, precariously placed tarps, staging, ladders, the reminiscence of a grid drop-ceiling, good-ol’ hazmat containment warnings, and a sprinkling of duct-tape throughout. In recent times the site held potential to be a working artist space. Tarp It, Run a Cord will consist of built structures informed by the architecture and the practical handling of the materials present- it will become an extension of the space to demonstrate the symbiotic relationship between art and space while simultaneously speaking to the lack of artist spaces in Charlottetown, an urban area with frequent vacancies in commercial properties.