Brandon Vickerd

Sputnik Returned 2

Presented by Third Shift & Art in the Open

123 Grafton St.

August 24 - September 24, 2017


“Sputnik Returned 2” is an exact rendering of Sputnik, a 20 inch diameter steel sphere with four eight foot antennas, installed as if it has crashed back to earth, its impact crunching a parked sedan. The sleek futuristic design of the satellite, resting lifelessly in car sized crater, recalls a modern day Icarus whose faith in technology lead to hubris and his imminent demise as he fell back to earth. Sputnik Returned 2 has a simple design, both streamlined and reflective, alluding to the space race of the 1950s. Today this design appears as a wonderfully crude relic of the period, a potential unmanned doomsday weapon mirroring the excesses of the cold war while also recalling the proto-modernist sculptures of Brancusi.

Sputnik plummeted into the earth’s atmosphere exactly four months after its launch, where it was incinerated - any individual with a passing knowledge of the atmosphere is aware that it would be impossible for a satellite remain intact upon re-entry. However, the narrative content of Sputnik Returned 2 asks the viewer to suspend their disbelief and engage in the metaphor presented by the object.


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