this town is small

Idea Market

Confederation Centre of the Arts Plaza

Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 2pm-4pm

Curated by Monica Lacey
Facilitated by Monica Lacey and Sandi Hartling
Featuring local contemporary artists Russell Louder, Max Knechtel, Sarah Saunders, Andrew Cairns, Patricia Bourque, Rilla Marshall, and Carina Phillips


Photo: this town is small

Photo: this town is small

this town is small presents Idea Market, a project bringing visitors face to face with local contemporary artists, and facilitating exchange in engaged discourse in a friendly and accessible way. The Host will provide a menu of conversation topics based on the amount of time the participant has available, and participants will then be paired with an artist. The artist led structure is representative of not only this town is small’s fluid programming but also serves as an introduction to our physical and conceptual cultural landscape, as seen through the lens of a local artist. At the end of each conversation, participants will receive an official this town is small receipt. Whether you have 3 min or 20 min to talk, stop by and engage with a local artist!