Brandon Hood

Assistant Event Manager (2017)

Brandon Hood, BBA, was born and raised in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Although the Island is small in size, it has not impacted his ability to dream big. His home province offers inspiration in its rich culture and tranquil nature; and has shaped his aspiration to make PEI an even better place to live.

As a musician, Brandon understands the role of the arts in inspiring innovation and creating a sense of community. His approach to business is intertwined with his natural creativity, critical thinking, and ability to form meaningful relationships. With a strength in using knowledge as a way to view multiple perspectives simultaneously, he is able to solve problems and make decisions, while maintaining sight of the bigger picture.

Working with Becka Viau Inc. offers Brandon a unique opportunity in learning about social enterprise, how it fits in growing the Island economy, and its positive implications on the community. The private sector influencing social change is a growing trend that is not going unnoticed by Brandon. He aspires to start his own business which fosters social improvement, while contributing to economic growth. He believes that in order grow the economy and innovate, it takes not only creativity, but an understanding of commerce as an effective tool for manifesting ideas.